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There are many activities, businesses andspectacular locations in and around the Northwest Grampians. Wartookis a picturesque locality on the western side of the Grampians, withinthe Wartook Valley, which forms a majorgateway into the Grampians National Park,via the Northern Grampians Road. Wartook and its surrounding districtoffers a range of attractions and facilities for your relaxation andenjoyment, in a quiet, peaceful setting. Other well known areaswithin the Northwest Grampians are Brimpaen,Roses Gap andMount Zero.

Enjoythe peace and tranquillity of staying a night, or take your time andstay a week surrounded by rolling farmland, native bush &wildlife, magnificent redgums and wonderful mountain views.

Bringyour own tent or caravan. Stay in group accommodation, a logcabin, self contained cottage, or a bed and breakfast.

  • Knownas the ñSunny side of the Grampiansî - only 60% of Hallås Gaprainfall.
  • Widerange of quality accommodation - B&Bs, log cabins, caravanparks, backpackers & cottages.
  • Catersfor needs such as food, fuel, tavern, gas bottle refills, crafts,gifts, art gallery and local products.
  • Largenumbers of kangaroos in the Wartook Valley,and emus too.
  • Closeto all major Grampians National Park attractions.
  • Magnificentmountain views.
  • Wonderfulwaterfalls.
  • Spectacularmountain lookouts, Reids Lookout and BorokaLookout
  • Closeproximity to Aboriginal Art sites.
  • Manymountain bush walks.
  • Significanthistoric sites - Troopers Creek, Zumstein,Heatherlie Quarry.
  • Wonderfulwildflowers - late winter, spring and early summer.
  • Centrallocation for touring the whole Grampians region.
  • Withineasy reach of wineries, lakes and larger centres.
  • Oneof the best Bird Watching areas in Victoria.

Accessto Northwest Grampians: Car via the Hentyor Western Hwys. Bus toAsses Ears Wilderness Lodge three times a week. Daily rail andbus services available from Melbourne to Horsham, then 44km by road.



Taketime to enjoy the activities that this area offers.
Suggestions range from walks, history, a horse ride in the bush, towaterfalls,
rocks & rock climbing, wildflowers and lookouts. A camera is amust.

  • Bushwalk in the Grampians, ranging from easy to adventurous.
  • Visitancient Aboriginal Art Sites.
  • ViewWaterfalls - MacKenzie Falls, BeehiveFalls and Burrong Falls to name afew.
  • AtZumstein see the Historic Trail & WalterZumstein Memorial Water Garden, and kangaroos.
  • Seehistoric Troopers Creek and Heatherlie Quarry.
  • Goon a wonderful horse Trail Ride -suitable for beginners to advancedriders.
  • Havea bush picnic at one of the many spectacular views.
  • Visitlocal Art Galleries, Craft Shops and Wood Working centres.
  • TryRock Climbing & Abseiling with a local expert.
  • Seemobs of Kangaroos and Emus in the Wartook Valley.
  • Walkamongst the wildflowers in the bush and local gardens.
  • Climba mountain - Mt Zero, HollowMountain, Mt Stapylton, MtDifficult, Asses Ears and manymore.
  • Collecta local bird list from your accommodation house and see how many youcan find.
  • Gowine tasting at the local Tavern and the many wineries around theGrampians.
  • FishMacKenzie River, LakeWartook, Rocklands Reservoir, orthe many other lakes.
  • Watersports at the local recreational lakes.


There are many spots throughout the area where one can enjoy apicnic, and often with few, if any, other people.

MountZeroMoora Moora Reservoir
GoltonGorgeBuandik Falls
Old Wartook SchoolSiteTroopers Creek
ZumsteinWartook Pottery & Tearooms
SmithåsMillBlack Range Picnic Ground
Lake WartookRed Rock Flat Rock Crossing
Boreang CampGroundWallaby Rocks


The Grampians holds about one third of the Stateås Floraspecies, with 22 species being endemic.

Inthe Northwest Grampians you can see some of the best displays ofwildflowers to be seen in the Grampians National Park, all within easyreach of the local accommodation businesses.

FromAugust until Christmas time, you will see colourful wildflowers alongthe roads in this area, as well as along most of the walking tracks.The best displays can be seen along the Roses Gap Road, Rose CreekRoad and many of the roads on the western side of the Victoria Valleywill have good displays. The Billywing area along the Henty Highway atGlenisla also has great spring wildflowers.

TheBlack Range is a great area to see the transitional vegetation betweenplants of the Little Desert and Grampians National Parks.


FESTIVALSA Craft Market is held atWartook Pottery Giftshop and Tearooms during Easter and September school holidays.


BUSHWALKSThis region of the Grampians has a number of wonderful walks, which enablesthe visitor to experience the bush, wildflowers, rock formations and contemplate spectacular views. These are all   within the Northern Grampians area.
Mt Zero (Approx 1 hr return)Start at Mt Zero picnic area. Climb to the top of Mt Zero for wonderful panoramic views of the Wimmera plains.  Great wildflowers in early summer.
Hollow Mountain (Approx 2 hrs return)Start at Hollow Mountain camping area. Follow the track to cavernous wind sculptured rocks from which you  get a magnificent views of the Mount Stapylton Range.
Mt Stapylton (Approx 3 hrs return)Begin at the Mt Zero Picnic area and climb over Flat Rock and pass through the Amphitheatre. At the base of Mt Stapylton there is a steep climb to the summit.
Beehive Falls (Approx 1 Ω hrs return)From the roadside carpark at Roses Gap, this easy walk follows the creek to the base of the waterfall. An excellent walk for wildflowers in the spring and early summer.
Briggs Bluff (Approx 3 Ω hrs return)Continues from Beehive Falls, impressive cliffs and windscoured caverns are plentiful. Wonderful views.
Zumsteins - MacKenzie River Walk (Approx 3 hrs return)A very pleasant walk to see a riverine habitat. The track meanders up the MacKenzie River Gorge to the terraced Fish Falls. (Almost Ÿ of the distance to MacKenzie Falls.)
MacKenzie Falls (Approx 1 hr return)Perhaps the most popular spot in the Grampians. As the river is Horshamås Water supply, thereis always a good flow of water over the falls. A gentle walk to Broken Falls or a longer walk to the base of MacKenzies Falls. Alternatively take the Bluff Walk (20 mins and suitable for wheelchairs)   to get a wonderful view of the MacKenzie River Gorge and Falls.
Burrong Falls (Approx Ω hr return)A picturesque waterfall off the Rose Creek Road, at its best in late winter and spring. In addition there is a great wildflower display along the Rose Creek Road.
The Balconies (From Reids Lookout) (Approx 1 Ω hrs return)Relatively easy walk to the Balconies, perhaps the most photographed point in the Grampians. Exceptional view of the Victoria Range and valley.
Golton Gorge  (Approx 2 hr return)Go via the signs to the longer walk to the left. At the grassy top follow the track to the right past the copper mine shafts to the rugged rocky walk down by the falls.


ABORIGINAL ART SITESThe Grampians is the richest area in Victoria for Aboriginal Art, with over 100 known sites.Most of the best known and readily accessible sites, are in the north and west Grampiansand the Black Range State Park. These four are the most often visited in the Northern Grampians area and are readily accessible.
Northern Grampians - near Mt ZeroGulgurn Manja Shelter  : (pronounced Gulkurn Manya) meaning ñhand of young peopleî.
Ngamadjidj Shelter  : Mt Stapylton Camp Ground (pronounced ng as in ñsingî, dj as in ñjawî).Unusual in that only white clay was used.
Western Grampians - near GlenislaBullimina Shelter  : Glenisla Shelter, an impressive site as there are many red paintings.
Wab Manja Shelter  : Cave of Hands (pronounced Wep Manya) some of the best examples of hand stencils in Victoria.

Information on otherSites is available from the Brambuk AboriginalCultural Centre, or
your would be happy to give you the relevant directions.


Black Range Cashmere & ThyptomeneFarm. 03 5383 7506.
Red Rock camp & rock climbing. See Cashmere Goats and the wildflowers in season. Open: Tours by appointment.

GrampiansHorse Riding Centre. Schmidts Rd.1800 647794.
1 or 2 hour and Ω day rides. Suitable for beginners to advanced withall gear supplied. Enjoy this beautiful area on horseback. Open:Daily, bookings are essential.

WartookGardens. Mt Victory Rd 03 53836200.
A 5 acre landscaped garden with meandering paths, featuring over 1100species of Australian native plants. The garden also includes theOrnamental Plant Collection Associationås official Hakea Collectionfor Victoria (90 species) and Panoramic views of the Grampians. Open:By appointment, (best July to December).
Admission: Adults $4. Children accompanied by an adult free of charge.Coaches $3. Amenities: carpark.

WartookPottery Giftshop & Studio. NorthernGrampians Rd
A workshop at the base of the Grampians National Park where visitorscan view local artists at work. The workshop is set amid beautifulgardens. Open: Daily 10am to 5pm. Amenities: bbq, shop, tearooms. 035383 6243.

MountZero Olives. Winfields Rd 03 53838280.
The olive grove is set immediately adjacent to Mount Zero, MtStapylton, Hollow Mountain and Flat Rock, a nearby aboriginal artsite, and to the north the Wimmera plains stretching to the horizon.They are proud to be the only biodynamically managed olive grove inVictoria. Olive oil tastings and sales available. Open: Weekends &holidays and by appointment. Amenities:Accommodation.

WildCherry Art Gallery. Roses Gap Rd03 5383 6279.
Quality contemporary art - paintings, sculpture, drawing, prints &jewellery - situated in the natural bushland setting. Local artistswork on display. Open: Thursday to Sunday, 10am to 4pm or byappointment. Winter months by appointment.

GrampiansMountain Adventure Company. Brimpaen Rd.
See the Northern Grampians from a different angle, a local expert cangive you rock climbing, abseiling & adventure experiences. Open: 7days a week. 0427 747 047.

BigSpring Mount. Winfields Rd. 0353838235.
Australian Native Flower Exporters. Specializing in Thyptomene andGeraldton Wax, with many other varieties to be seen. Open: Tours byappointment.

WartookPottery Tearooms. Northern Grampians Rd.
Enjoy devonshire teas, homestyle cooking, cappucinoås, deliciousdessert cakes & slices. In air conditioned comfort or bird filledgardens. You will be able to relax in a tranquil, friendly atmosphere.Open: Tues - Sun & holiday Mondays.03 5383 6377

Fibreworks.Northern Grampians Rd. 03 5383 7530
Specialising in hand dyed fibres & yarns for knitters, spinners,weavers, feltmakers, embroiderers & textile artists. WartookPottery Studio is worth a visit with all its resident crafts women.

DeutscherTurkey Farm. Western Highway. 035359 5220

MacKenzieFalls Kiosk. Mount Victory Rd. 035383 6239

DinkumFare Bush Foods. 03 5383 6247

GiantKoala. Western Highway. 03 5359 5230

KarenOåRiley Fishing Adventures. 03 5383 6338

TroopersArms Tavern. Roses Gap Rd. 03 53836203

KnoopFurniture. Roses Gap Rd 03 53836336

Austbloom.Winfields Rd. 03 5383 8266

ValentinesWoodwork. Winfields Rd. 03 53838227


The Grampians is a very large and diverse National Park interms of climate, vegetation and scenery. It is an area where a shortvisit will only give you a glimpse of that diversity. A number ofvisits in different seasons will begin to give you a full appreciationof what the Park and surrounds offer.

Thesetours can begin at any point on the route, linked with other suggestedtours or broken into smaller sections, depending upon time available.A map is essential, enquire at reception.

Drive into the National Park through the Wartook valley where youshould see mobs of kangaroos and emus, visit Wartook Gardens (1,000species of Australian Plants), on to Zumstein, where there is kangarooviewing, picnic area, historic trail, and Memorial Water Garden. Stopat MacKenzie Falls car park, the walk to MacKenzie Falls will alsoenable you to see Broken, Drummer and Pearl Falls. Drive to LakeWartook, then back to the main road to Reidås Lookout, the ñBalconiesîand further on to Boroka Lookout and return to Wartook Pottery andTearooms.

Take the Horsham road (Northern Grampians Rd), turn right into SmithåsRd, then left into Winfieldås Rd past Big Spring Mount (native cutflower farm - tours by appointment) Turn into Plantation Rd, pastToscana Olive Plantation (tastings) and proceed to Stapylton CampGround and continue to the Aboriginal Art Site - Ngamadjidi Shelter.Continue to Mt Zero car park and climb Mt Zero, Flat Rock or MtStapylton. Drive on to Hollow Mountain Picnic Ground for the walk toHollow Mountain. Walk or drive on to the Aboriginal Art Site - GulgurnManja Shelter. Drive on to Golton Gorge Picnic Ground for the walk upthe Gorge. Drive to Roses Gap Rd and proceed straight on to HeatherlieQuarry, or³.
Turn left and proceed to Dadswells Bridge to see the GiantKoala.
Turn right into Roses Gap Rd for the Beehive Falls car park andBriggs Bluff walk. Drive on to Troopers Creek Picnic Ground for thewalk to Tilwinda Falls and Mt Difficult. Return to Wartook via theRoses Gap Rd visiting the Wild Cherry Art Gallery and Wartook Pottery Tearooms.

Take the main road to the Wonderland turntable, walk up the GrandCanyon to the Pinnacle , or take the Silverband Rd to the Sundialturntable to walk to the Pinnacle. Visit Hallås Gap and take theDunkeld Rd to the National Park Information Centre and BrambukCultural Centre. Proceed south to the observation point at LakeBellfield. Continue and turn right on to Silverband Rd for walks toSilverband Falls, Delleys Dell and Mt Rosea. Return to Happy WandererHoliday Resort.

Follow the main road through Zumsteins to Rose Creek Rd (or takeZumstein shortcut - dirt), continue down to Burrong Falls, continue onand turn left into Lodge Rd past Sheet of Water, left onto GlenelgRiver Rd to Paddyås Castle. Return along Glenelg River Rd southpassing Moora Moora Reservoir to turn left into Serra Rd to rejoinDunkeld/Hallås Gap Rd. Turn left for Mt William (Grampians highestpoint), Burrough Huts, Halls Gap and back over the mountains.

Drive around the northern end of the Grampians, visit the Giant Koalaat Dadswells Bridge on route to the Stawell Information Centre, Worldin Miniture, ñFollow the Arrows Tourî, Big Hill Lookout, CentralPark (Home of the Stawell Gift), Stawell Gift Hall of Fame, joyflights and ballooning (seasonal0 and Railway Station Gallery. FromStawell visit Bunjilås Cave and the wineries at Great Western,Bests,Garden Gully, Seppelts and many more (including a tour of theirhistoric drives). Continue to Ararat to see McDonald Park Flora andFauna Reserve and Ararat J-Ward, Art Gallery, Museum, Gardens, OneTree Hill Lookout and Green Hill Lake Reserve. Take the Historic Walk(Map at Information Centre - takes in most attractions and nurseries)visiting Hallås Gap winery before returning to Wartook.

Take the Brimpaen Road to the Henty Highway:

Continuestraight across on Campbellås Rd, turning left onto Black Range Rd,then onto Rees Rd before turning left at sign for the Aboriginal ArtSite and Black Range Walk to Mt Byron (a wonderful display of flowersin the spring). Return to Black Range Rd and drive to H.G.H. corner,turning left to Cherrypool Picnic Ground and bird hides.
Follow Henty Highway south, turning right at Hynes Rd for picnicground at Rocklands Reservoir. Back to Henty Highway and continue pastGlenisla Homestead to Billywing Rd (the Billywing is renowned for itswildflowers in the spring) and turn to Buandik picnic ground for walksto Aboriginal Art Site and Buandik waterfall, continue on Harrop Trackto Aboriginal Art Site. Return via Red Rock Rd and Asses Ears Rd(dirt).

Drive to Horsham and visit the Information Centre (touring map), WoolFactory, Botanical Gardens, Art Gallery, craft shops and try the GolfCourse (one of the top 10 country courses in Victoria). Continue toNatimuk, (Home of Brigitte Muir - the first Australian woman to climbMt Everest), via the Wimmera Highway. West of Natimuk you can drive tothe top of Mt Arapiles, the Wimmeraås ñAyers Rockî, formagnificent views and wildflowers in the spring. Return home viaHorsham and try one of the many restaurants.

Drive through Horsham along the Western Highway, visiting the NativePlane Nursery at Wail, pop into Dimboola for antiques andcollectables, take the Jeparit Rd and visit Ebenezer Mission, theWimmera Mallee Pioneer Museum, Sir Robert Menzies Memorial and LakeHindmarsh. Then on to Rainbow and visit Yurunga Homestead and thePella Church (original pipe organ), Wyperfeld National Park andHop0etoun (town centre mural), back via Warracknabeal, visiting theInformation Centre, Historical Centre and the Wheatlands WarracknabealAgricultural Machinery Museum. Return via Horsham.

Thereare numerous other tours that may be taken, depending upon yourparticular interest, and your hosts would be pleased to help with anyfurther information you may require.


Enjoy the peace and tranquillity ofstaying a night or two, surrounded by rolling farmland, bush,magnificent redgums and wonderful mountain views. Bring your own tentor caravan. Stay in group accommodation, a log cabin or self containedcottage, or a personalised bed and breakfast.

AssesEars Wilderness Lodge (Group Accommodation) 03 5383 9215
8 cabins, convention facilities, school camps, groups, clubs,backpackers, adventure activities, 400 acre property, pool, BBQ, lake,transport to Melbourne and Adelaide, 4WD Tours, catering available.

BrackenLodge (Cabin) 03 5382 0473

BazåsPlace (S/C House) 03 5383 6292
Peaceful bushland retreat. Self-contained building for individual orgroup accommodation. BYO bedding. Easy access to walks, waterfallsetc.

BlackRange Cashmere & Thyptomene Farm (Camping) 03 5383 7506
Red Rock Camp. Cashmere goats, wild flowers in season.

CaramarHalt (S/C Railway Carriage) 03 5383 6253
1906 Dual Class Corridor Railway Carriage set in 100 acres of wildlifefilled bush. Self-contained. This unique carriage can accommodate upto 6 people.

CareyPark (B & B) 03 5383 6334
Brand new 2 bedroom B & B with panoramic mountain views andbreathtaking sunsets. Abundant kangaroos.

ChinamanåsLodge (Cabins) 03 5383 6203

DadswellBridge Caravan Park (On site vans) 03 5359 5241

DadswellBridge Motel (Motel) 03 5359 5251

EmuHoliday Park (S/C Cabins, On site vans, Camping) 03 5383 6304
Spacious log cottages & cabins - wood fires. Situated amidst 16hectares of bushland. Separate shady caravan & camping area,recreational lake, games, native flora and fauna, yabby dams.

GlenislaHomestead (B & B) 03 5380 1532

HappyWanderer Holiday Resort (S/C Cabins & On site vans) 03 53836210
Luxurious 2 bedroom Log Cabins and Log Flats, separate area withcabinvans & caravans, all air conditioned and ensuite, on quietspacious bushland style resort. Facilities include a 9 hole golfcourse, solar heated pool, 3 tennis courts, large playground, BBQåsfor each cabin, resident kangaroos and abundant bird life.

KarmaPark (B & B) 03 5383 6289
Unique Homestead surrounded by extensive gardens offering abeautifully peaceful & relaxing atmosphere. Consists of a modernself-contained one bedroom unit. Homestead dinners by arrangement.

MountZero Log Cabins (S/C Cabins) 03 5384 3226
Self contained, wood heater, TV, air conditioned. BBQås each cabin.Pool, tennis. Spacious setting close to Northern Grampians walks,strolls or rock climbs.

MountZero Exclusive Schoolhouse (B & B) 03 5383 8280
Unique accommodation in lovingly restored schoolhouse. Nestled in anOlive Grove. Farm kitchen, spacious rooms, superbly appointed,striking views.

TheGrelco Run (S/C Cottages) 03 5383 9221
Luxury cottage accommodation, set in secluded 640 acre bushland.Breakfast provisions & all linen supplied, wood heated and airconditioned. Dinners by arrangement.

WartookCaravan Park (On site vans) 03 5383 6207
On MacKenzie River, fishing, bushwalking, abundant bird life, fullyequipped caravans, BBQås, laundry, powered & unpowered sites,campfires.

WartookCoutry Retreat (House) 03 5359 5230

WartookGardens (B & B) 03 5383 6200
Experience warm hospitality and delicious meals. In peacefulsurrounds. Enjoy abundant bird life, a magnificent native garden andheated pool. Ideal base to explore the Grampians and Wimmera areas.

WartookRise (S/C Cabin) 03 5383 6260
Spacious comfortable s/c accommodation for 2 - 24. Ideal forfamilies/groups. All on scenic 500 acres adjoining National Park. Woodfires, wildlife, flowers, lake, canoes, walking/bike trails.


Big Spring Mount
Australian native flower exporters,specializing in Thyptomene and Geraldton Wax, with many othervarieties to be seen. Situated on Winfields Rd.Tours by appointment. 03 53838235

Fine wood furnishings can be boughtand ordered. See a craftsman at work.
Situated on Roses Gap Rd. 03 5383 6330

WartookPottery Giftshop & Studio
Pottery & crafts workshop andretail area. Surrounded by lush gardens in native bushland, thismassive mudbrick building houses a treasure trove of unique &local gifts. Situated on Northern Grampians Rd.Open 7 days, 10am to 5pm. 03 53836243

WildCherry Art Gallery
Quality contemporary art - painting, sculpture, drawing, prints & jewellery. OpenThursday - Sunday, 10am to 4pm. Winter months by appointment. Situatedon Roses Gap Rd and corners of Smiths Rd.03 53836279

A huge range of items available - toys, boxes, furniture, models, puzzles, signs etc. Situated on WinfieldsRd. Open Saturday & Sunday. 9am to 5pm or by request. 035383 8227

Magnificent Australian Native PlantGarden, 5 acres, 1000 species. Official home of Ornamental PlantCollection Associationås Victorian Hakea Collection. Situated on NorthernGrampians Rd, Zumsteins side of Wartook. Open by appointmentonly. 03 5383 6200


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