Welcome to Pittwater

Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia

At the far end of Sydney's northern beaches, is an area renowned for its natural beauty and quality of lifestyle.

Just 45 minutes north of the CBD are long stretches of open beach, rugged headlands and sandstone sea cliffs, tranquil waterways, native bushland with pockets of rainforest, wetlands providing sanctuary to a myriad of bird species, and rock platforms bursting with marine life.

The natural contrasts of the Pittwater environment are matched by the commercial environment where corner stores, providing a valuable service to their local community, co-exist with leading edge technology companies successfully competing in international markets.

This rich diversity is also reflected in the interests and beliefs of the community. It is this natural, commercial and social diversity which makes Pittwater an interesting place to live and a wonderful place to visit.

Pittwater is a Local Government Area on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. The suburbs which comprise the Pittwater LGA were detached from the Warringah local government area in 1993. It covers a region adjacent to the Tasman Sea about 30 km north of the CBD of Sydney.

Bugan Beach in full glory