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Victoria Walksand Trails


This region of the Grampians has a number of wonderful walks, which enables the visitor to experience the bush, wildflowers, rock formations and contemplate spectacular views. These are all within the Northern Grampians area.

Mt Zero (Approx 1 hr return)Start at Mt Zero picnic area. Climb to the top of Mt Zero for wonderful panoramic views of the Wimmera plains. Great wildflowers in early summer.

Hollow Mountain (Approx 2 hrs return)Start at Hollow Mountain camping area. Follow the track to cavernous wind sculptured rocks from which you get a magnificent views of the Mount Stapylton Range.

Mt Stapylton (Approx 3 hrs return)Begin at the Mt Zero Picnic area and climb over Flat Rock and pass through the Amphitheatre. At the base of Mt Stapylton there is a steep climb to the summit.

Beehive Falls (Approx 1 hrs return)From the roadside carpark at Roses Gap, this easy walk follows the creek to the base of the waterfall. An excellent walk for wildflowers in the spring and early summer.

Briggs Bluff (Approx 3 hrs return)Continues from Beehive Falls, impressive cliffs and windscoured caverns are plentiful. Wonderful views.

Zumsteins - MacKenzie River Walk (Approx 3 hrs return)A very pleasant walk to see a riverine habitat. The track meanders up the MacKenzie River Gorge to the terraced Fish Falls. (Almost ‚ of the distance to MacKenzie Falls.)

MacKenzie Falls (Approx 1 hr return)Perhaps the most popular spot in the Grampians. As the river is Horshamïs Water supply, thereis always a good flow of water over the falls. A gentle walk to Broken Falls or a longer walk to the base of MacKenzies Falls. Alternatively take the Bluff Walk (20 mins and suitable for wheelchairs) to get a wonderful view of the MacKenzie River Gorge and Falls.

Burrong Falls (Approx hr return)A picturesque waterfall off the Rose Creek Road, at its best in late winter and spring. In addition there is a great wildflower display along the Rose Creek Road.

The Balconies (From Reids Lookout) (Approx 1 hrs return)Relatively easy walk to the Balconies, perhaps the most photographed point in the Grampians. Exceptional view of the Victoria Range and valley.

Golton Gorge (Approx 2 hr return)Go via the signs to the longer walk to the left. At the grassy top follow the track to the right past the copper mine shafts to the rugged rocky walk down by the falls.